Study Plan

Every student has a different personality and learning style and in our classes we try to accommodate all of their needs. Within our Hungarian for Foreigners program, we offer one-on-one instruction or small group classes and can offer lessons out of a specific course book or more hand-chosen worksheets and exercises. After a short time in our program, Hungarian language skills in an international or business environment become attainable because students not only learn the phrases for specific situation but also have the opportunity to practice them. We also incorporate current political issues, religion and culture and even cooking or sport if our students desire!

We highly encourage private teaching as this gives the student the opportunity to speak as often as possible, have the proper attention for questions, and it also allows the teacher to develop a deeper understanding of the student's needs. There is also the possibility for couples or friends arriving at the same time and at similar levels of Hungarian ability to study together in pairs. Please view the Private & Pair link.

However, we also realise that some students benefit more from a group environment and we offer small group lessons.