" Andrea is an excellent teacher, always patient, hardworking - the best. I liked the whole course, the feeling that I was learning  as much as I could handle.!" Timothy, US

" I like that soon I was able to understand a lot more in my surroundings. Erzsébet is very patient, explained things very well and has a good sense of humour." Maria, Netherland

„ Katalin is the most wonderful teacher and person, had the best experience with her and I want to work with her again when I return. Everyone was so happy and helpful, made the whole experience very positive, I will definitely recommend ILC.” Natalie, Canada

„ Very friendly and efficient. The tailor-made classes perfectly adjusted to my needs.” Sonam, Switzerland

„ Unlike two other language schools, you replied quickly every time which was well appreciated. The lesson schedule was exactly what I asked for which was great. I enjoyed every moment and it was all useful. Keep up the good work.” Cas

„ Everyone is very nice, it is a shame that I may stay no longer. L” Cesar, Germany

"Everyone is very friendly. I liked the most learning about the Hungarian culture, comparing habits, etc." Vincent, France

" The location is convenient…. One to one learning is good for beginners. My teacher was quite patient and experienced." Nobuyuki, Japan

"Just positive. Nice people working, very helpful and welcoming… homey, professional, friendly" Jaqueline, Netherland

"Super nice, clear instructions, easy to understand…. Very helpful and informative staff" Sarah, Canada

" Dynamic lessons and one-on-one conversations. I never felt uncomfortable or pressured…. Very patient and friendly staff, understood and spoke well in English. No improvements needed!" Alejandro, USA

" Very well structured lessons, and clearly explained and enjoyable. Linda was excellent. Very professional, and good mix of teaching, practice exercises, etc. … helpful, responsive and friendly staff" Chris, Great Britain

"Friendly atmosphere, efficient, helpful staff" Gary, Ireland

"Very flexible program, everything was good" Robert, Serbia

" A very professional and dedicated teacher who really likes her subject and put in a lot of work and effort" Christer, Sweden

"The teacher is patient but has high expectations. Willing to tailor the experience to my needs. Learned a ton! The staff is all good, very nice to see them every day. The outside is beautiful – lots of restaurants around." Lisa, USA

"Excellent introduction to the language" Alexandra and Melina, USA

" Learned very much about Budapest and the language, nice and helpful staff" Nina, Norway

" My teacher is aranyos and kedves!" Miriam, Germany

"Everyone was very kind. I learned a lot in a short time." James, USA

" Good, patient, funny teacher, very good in grammar and explain things! Very good, polite and informative staff." Karin, Sweden

"Thank you for everything, it was lovely and maybe I’ll come back for more…" Borbála, Netherland

"Linda was great and very good at explaining tricky grammar." Barbara, Great Britain

" To have real private lessons is the best way to learn a language" Karin, Netherland

"Relaxed, friendly atmosphere, lovely location…. Good, patient teacher" Sarah, Great Britain

"Andi is quite helpful and very friendly. It was a pleasure to work with her again." James, USA

" Everything was A-1! Köszönöm szépen! I will highly recommend you!" Jacques, Canada

" The teacher was very knowledgeable and good at giving custom-made lessons. Good English. Very nice to be able to learn a language at my own level (I am a language teacher myself) and with all the terminology in English! The administrative staff is very friendly and well-organised. I liked the most the fact that you were so flexible. I could have lessons on the days that I wanted, at a time that suited me, with no minimum number of lessons." Ninette, Netherland

" I learn a lot quickly" Julian, USA

" Professional service, willingness to adopt to client/student needs. Köszönöm!" Nick, USA

"Ildikó is a very flexible and easy going teacher, just what I wanted. Very nice person." Rita, Finland

" I really enjoyed the intense study of grammar and speech. I also liked the friendly and outgoing staff." Scott, USA

"The administrative staff is also very helpful and patient." Ana, Luxembourg